Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 Stars: 3.5/5
 Format: Paperback
 Read: February 28, 2012

Unfortunately, this is one of those books that you imagine is so much better than it actually is. Sadly, my imagination and reality weren't even on the same planet. That's not to say this isn't a good, solid book because it is. But it is just so... well bland.

It starts out a little shaky but solid, with Dez and her friends the triplets and everyone is about to have their world shatter with their enemies hunkering down in the same city, yadda yadda. But then it turns and becomes a sort of forbidden romance (very VERY watered down romance) and BAM there's the war tearing people apart, etc. It was so very much like reading a book made for elementary students in that there's main events but hardly anything linking the events together and plot twists are almost entirely missed because you're so confused on how the story had gotten to that certain part in the first place. I was being 'told' and not shown much of the time and it just felt so off.

Even the characters felt like they had a huge major chunk missing. It felt like it was more important to have a good solid page count rather than solid characters. I know I've said before in my prior reviews that characters are the most important part to me of a story and I felt like I got nothing from any of the characters than I did from their introduction in the beginning.

Plus the folklore of the guardians of Egyptian pharaohs or whatnot was nonexistent. There's a mention of the 'ancient ways' in passing maybe a handful of times throughout the book. I felt that it was odd to not have the premise of the book actually in the book. That may be part of what made the book very unbelievable to me, but it was unfortunate because so much could have been done with this idea.

I wouldn't recommend buying this book to anyone really just because I am more neutral to it than anything. I'd borrow it or buy it used simply because I was so indifferent I'm not sure if it was worth it for me to buy it full price. I love the cover though, it's very stunning.

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