Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Stars: 4.5/5
Format: Hardback Library Book
Read: August 10, 2011

Very beautiful and poignant, A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL is unlike any angel story I've read. The protagonist is flawed, but in a relatable sort of way and even though she does good things, by no means does that mean she's some saint that doesn't curse or have pre-marital sex, etc. But that doesn't detract. It doesn't attract either, because it made me comfortable being in her story. Like I could be her friend. Usually a protagonist either makes me hate them or love them, but never just accept them without being infatuated, if that makes any sense.

Young does a fantastic job with the mythology and the way Charlotte's "Need" works. I was fascinated. I've always loved the shows like Touched by an Angel were you get to learn about who the person was before they so desperately needed help, and that's exactly what you get in this book.

More satisfying than I imagined it would be, I was taken through Charlotte's world, her life, and the fact that everyone may slowly forget her. With an ending that promises another book (which is already listed on goodreads), I was very happy with the book. I even shed a few tears, but not enough to send me into a full blown cry fest.

Pick it up. It really is beautiful, even if Charlotte hates that word. It'll give you hope without forcing religion on you.

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